Thank You For Downloading

Now, let’s get you to the cloud.

Just follow the directions here to easily get started.

Please note, if you feel more comfortable having someone walk you through the process, just ask for our free Dolly Together service. We’ll set you up with the next available Help Session. Click here to request Dolly Together.


 You can also download our Manual for tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Dolly Drive experience.


1. Download the Application

(A) Open your Downloads Folder and (B) click on the DollyDrive installer. Note: Pictured is Safari’s Downloads icon. Your Downloads Folder will appear in another location if you are using Chrome, Firefox or another browser.


2. Move Dolly into the Apps Folder

(C) Slide the Dolly Drive icon into the Apps Folder as directed by the arrow. (D) Open your Apps Folder and Click on the Dolly Drive icon to launch.

3. Enter your Username & Password

(E)  Enter your username & password into the app. (F) Note: If requested, always select “Always Allow Access” so that the Dolly App can access the data center.


4. Open Cloud Backup

(G)  Click on the Cloud Backup Icon. This will open the Cloud Backup Interface.



5. Click on “Backup”

(H) Click on the Backup icon. This will start your initial cloud backup.




So, what did you just back up? All your good stuff!

Dolly Drive, by default, backs up your everything in your User Folder. This includes everything in Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Downloads and more. (And yes, it includes your iPhoto, iMovie, & iTunes files!).

At this point, your status bar should look something like the image below.

Keep in mind, the bar in the image shows 43 files changed, similar to a typical incremental backup. The initial backup you’re doing now probably includes thousands of files based going up to our cloud center. So be patient…it’s working.

Now, see how to Sync your stuff

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