The fastest way get your data to the cloud.

Backup your entire hard drive online without the long upload period!*

Free with many of our plans! Check the Get Me To the Cloud Faster button on the Pricing & Plans page to find out which ones!

Initial backups over a network can take days or even weeks. But now you can securely FedEx your hard drive content to Dolly Drive quickly via a specially prepared transport drive. You’ll be up safely backed up and in the cloud without the stress. Free for Many Plans!!!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Here’s how it works:


First. We’ll FedEx* you a specially prepared transport drive.



Next. We help you to transfer your data to the drive to ensure success. Send it back to us in a pre-paid FedEx*.

It is fast!  We mount your data directly into your account at our datacenter. You simply resume your incremental backups. Done!

We’ve taken away the biggest challenge of online backup - slow upload speeds. Then, once your initial backup is in the cloud, incremental backups are quick and seamless and you can immediately recover critical files.

Seeding is free with many of our accounts. Just select the Get Me To The Cloud Faster seeding option when you place your order.

Want help with anything? Just ask for our FREE Dolly-on-One help. We’ll do a WebEx and walk you through the whole process at no charge!


*Transport drives for seeding orders will be prepared and shipped.  Timeframes are averages  and not a guarantee. Delays in transport may cause process to take longer. Dolly Drive is not responsible for delays. Permissions for icon usage granted. If cancelled for any reason, a $100 seeding fee will be deducted from remainder of any refunds on free-seeds. FedEx Ground is used for U.S. destinations and services. Canadian and EU couriers and timing may vary based on country and customs.

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