Let’s Get Your Business to the Cloud. Together.

Set up multiple Dolly accounts.                                                       Or create a private cloud for your team.

Whatever your business needs for backup, sync & collaboration,                                        let’s discuss how our professional services team can help you build it.

Dolly Drive is an enterprise-ready cloud suite that lets you maximize the Apple ecosystem  so your team can backup and share their work on any iPhone, iPad, Mac, or browser. Whether photographers, editors & graphic artists or legal professionals, investment firms & educational institutions, if you run on Mac, so do we.

Why ask your folks to use one program for sharing and a different one for backup?

Dolly does both, plus disaster recovery, in a single application, with greater cost efficiency and designed for integration with Max OS X Lion & Mountain Lion. Whatever your team is working on is automatically backed up & always accessible – anytime, anywhere, forever.

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For individuals or teams, Dolly is the backup, sync & share for professionals who use Mac.

Set up multiple users under one admin

The work your team creates is as important to you as it is to them. Give your employees, freelancers & contractors the tools to backup and share on their Macs, iPhones or iPads, so their work is safe, collaboration is easy, and you don’t lose time waiting for answers.

As account admin, you can:

  • Allot how people use their storage and ensure that it’s always accessible.
  • Easily add, suspend, or cancel their profiles and keep track of their usage.
  • Always have access to their final product.

Run Dolly’s services on your own network

Set up a private cloud with Dolly Dock Station

Looking to have all of Dolly’s Sync, Store, Backup and Share services but on a locally administered network? Or want to keep it local and then create an offsite redundancy? Then it’s time to check out our Dock Station.

Let’s get your business to the cloud together. Fill out the form above or email sales@dollydrive.com

Fully Supported from Day One

We Get You Up & Keep You Going. Together.

Our Professional Services Team will architect your Team’s cloud, including set-up of a Dock Station, and then help your admin through the set-up process for each user.

Dolly Drive Professional Services include full access to our Dolly Together program, a 7-day-a-week help desk available for you, your chief admin, or any of your users.  If you run into any questions, we’ll help your user experience through web-ex sessions, telephone consultation or email chats.

Ready for a demo? Want pricing? Let’s talk! Fill out the form above or email sales@dollydrive.com

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