“4 out of 5 Mice” –  Macworld
“The real gold is in Dolly Sync and Dolly Space” – Glenn Fleishman, Macworld.com
“your outstanding performance dwarfed your competitor’s. From one very grateful user, I can only say to future clients:  if you’ve got a Mac and you must have protection, Dolly Drive is your shepherd.”

We love hearing from users. Here are some tweets & emails that send our hearts aflutter!

What our Customers are Saying:

  • “Dolly Drive integrates perfectly into my backup strategy, both for local clones and off-site cloud backups. Dolly Drive is intuitive, unobtrusive, and integrates seamlessly into the OS X user experience. From their free seeding program to their rapid support response (on the rare times when support is needed), the Dolly Drive team demonstrate their dedication, their expertise, and that they just plain get it.”  David W.
  • “Hi Mark, just to say that I’m back!I missed you guys and iCloud is just useless. I can’t believe I considered my rusty old external hard drive instead.Here’s to many an upgrade with you in the future! (And I think I’ll be upgrading soon too – I’m just starting small)” Massimo Z.
  • “…I must say I finally feel my photo’s are safe even if someone breaks into out house, which is what it was all about for me.”  Mark U


  • “Thank you a ton to the whole Dolly Drive team. You guys rock! What awesome customer service. Thanks again.”  Chad K.
  • “Nice to work with someone who actually does what they said.” Randy G.
  • “…Oh and P.S. huge thank you for your time and responsiveness — it is
    not unnoticed!”  Erica S.
  • “The EU Data Center sped my upload, and trust me I’m was a warm sponsor in Italy and really happy to extended my backup to the cloud using time machine experience!“    Luca G.
  • “I’m thrilled with the service and have been advocating it to all my friends at work. I will continue cloning to my external at home and shave off a few gigs to get closer to 100. Cheers!”     Steve M.
  • “All my updates were fine today, System is A-O.K.  I am happy because my Carbonite expires in June and obviously will not renew it.”     Steve J.
  • “Thank you so much! This is going to be so useful so that I don’t lose my paper again.  Thank you, thank you.” Manny B

    And also some Sweet Tweets

  • I am a HUGE fan of Dolly Drive
  • Love the product, website and service…
  • the @dollydrive folks seem very nice :-)
  • this is the backup utility we’ve been waiting for!
  • I would like to say that the guys over at @dollydrive are amazing :)
  • Dolly Drive is just an awesome & beautiful backup solution for Mac users!
  • the fact that you actually reply to my email is already almost beyond belief
  • I live in fear I am going to leave my computer in airport security or drop it.  This gives me peace of mind.
  • @dollydrive is the best thing since @dropbox. No longer am I manually doing my cloud backups to Amazon S3.
  • Your pricing seems entirely reasonable, and the signup process seemed pretty slick on the whole. I was impressed.
  • Blown away by the support provided by @dollydrive, these guys really do go the extra mile! One very happy customer :)
  • Thank you again for your OUTSTANDING customer support.  Greatly appreciated, and makes me a loyal Dolly customer
  • I really appreciate this kind of costumer service it really make me completely believe in the service and that the people behind it cares about us.

For a real life story about the Dolly Difference, read this email:

From: Robert L
Subject: Not able to accessTravis,I apologize for the delay in responding to this message. I have had visitors from Japan the last few daze, and that has consumed my time.

Firstly, I would like to thank you, Anthony, and the entire team at Dolly Drive for your help restoring my files. I started to use Dolly to back up my hard drive, but was unable to complete the initial backup because my drive was failing. Eventually the drive self destructed and my files could not be recovered. Although Dolly Drive did not complete the backup session, the support team at Dolly were able to mine the backup files from the cloud and fully restore my essential data. This involved a extraordinary effort from you and your colleagues and I deeply appreciate your dedication and technical prowess for meeting this difficult challenge.

Please express my thanks to your coworkers. I cannot thank you enough for saving my critical data.

Second, what I did not tell you is that I simultaneously was using a competitor’s product to back up my files. I used two products as extra insurance because this data is so critical for my business. However, in the event I was unable to recover any data from your competitor’s product. It blithely churns away, telling me that it is backing things up, but when I went into recovery mode it failed.

I thought your team would be pleased to learn that your outstanding performance dwarfed your competitor’s.

From one very grateful user, I can only say to future clients:  if you’ve got a Mac and you must have protection, Dolly Drive is your shepherd.


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