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Online Backup for people who love Mac

Your music’s in iTunes, your videos in iMovie, you jam in Garage Band and manage your pics in iPhoto. So why leave the Mac user experience just because you want to backup to the cloud?

Dolly Drive is a subscription-based cloud storage service that lets you back up your digital life in the cloud using Time Machine, Apple’s auto-archiving software that comes installed on every MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac OS X Server and Mac mini. The versatile Dolly application even lets you create a bootable clone on a local drive for a complete, redundant, all-in-one backup solution. More…

Why Backup with Time Machine?

Most backup software saves the very last version of your folders and files. That’s nice if you only need the last version. But Time Machine automatically saves every version of your folders and files. So, if you need to access a document like it was 3 weeks ago, you can. Plus, Time Machine’s space travel interface makes restoring files, folders and applications incredibly easy (and really cool). More…

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