Dolly 2.0 is (almost) here & you won’t believe this sheep.

DollyDrive 2.0 debuts new features & upgrades in new webinar, Thurs, May 23 Continue reading

Feeling Spacey

I’ve been thinking about space a lot lately. Maybe it was Star Trek Into Darkness, which I saw last night. Or maybe it’s the space adventures of Chris Hadfield, whose amazing photos and videos from the International Space Station have me re-thinking my career choices and realizing that … Continue reading

The Beauty of Nature Meets the Power of iPhoto & DollySpace

When you keep all your stuff in the cloud with DollySpace, like your iPhoto pictures and videos, you can access it anytime you want. Continue reading

More Data: Faster and Cheaper Thunderbolt is Coming

At DollyDrive, we’re a bunch of data geeks. OK, maybe that’s not really surprising, considering that storing, sharing, and protecting data is what we do. We get excited about new technologies for moving digital stuff from point A to point B. Which is why the Intel’s recent Thunderbolt announcements at NAB are big news. Continue reading

Humans to Mars Summit: Use Dolly Space today & it’ll be on Mars for your kids

As you know, we love Space. And while I’m partially talking about Dolly Drive’s Cloud Storage feature, I’m also talking about the thing from which was born Freeze Dried Ice Cream – Space Space. This week, the H2M Humans to … Continue reading

Bitcoin & Backup

I’ve been following the Bitcoin saga pretty closely lately. I first heard of the digital currency in 2010, shortly after it was launched. Back then, the value of a Bitcoin was less than the change you might find in your … Continue reading

Wall Street Journal Office Is Decorated With Reminders to Backup

Since I was a kid, I’ve collected Newspaper front pages from major historical events, so when I was recently at the Wall Street Journal offices in Washington, D.C, I was very excited about the really cool “exhibit” in their lobby … Continue reading

Go Big or Go Home: Dolly Solves the Problem of Large Backups

The first time I ever upgraded a Mac hard drive, I went from 40 megabytes to 70 megabytes. The drive cost about $400, but at the time, that extra 30 megs represented a sea change. After all, what on earth was I going to do with 70 megabytes worth of hard disk storage? Continue reading

What is Cloud-Down Backup & why are we webinaring it?

On Tuesday, we’re going to be talking about creating a Cloud-Down Backup solution in our webinar. But before we started, we wanted to explain a little about what that actually means. – Want to join the free webinar, Tues, 12:30pm ET? … Continue reading

Record Store Day & Our Favorite iTunes Tips and Tricks

Naturally, iTunes is constantly running on my Mac, churning through my music library, which is fast approaching 200 gigabytes. The latest version, iTunes 11, has some great new features, as well as some old favorites. Continue reading