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An Introduction :)

What We Do

Cirrus Thinking LLC was founded on a powerful premise:  People should be able to leverage the cloud for any of their personal or professional needs simply and affordably. Our mission is to provide a seamless integrated cloud experience to all of our customers; allowing them ease and flexibility while performing any computing task.

Dolly Drive

By integrating the Dolly Drive application into Apple’s Time Machine, Dolly Drive has proven that the utilization of a native user interface creates a superior user experience. In doing so, we have created a flagship product that has the potential to acquire millions of users. Despite the fact that there are a number of back-up providers on the market, currently there are no providers that offer cloud services for auto-archiving applications that incrementally back-up data within a native user interface equivalent to Dolly Drive’s. By tying Dolly Drive into any auto-archiving application and facilitating incremental back-ups untethered to the cloud, both quickly and securely; Dolly Drive’s technology can be leveraged as a solution for any technology environment.

Using our background in software and hardware, coupled with our passion for Apple products, Cirrus Thinking launched version 1.0 of its flagship product, Dolly Drive for the Mac. It’s Launch at Macworld 2011 on January 29th, 2011, was greeted with acclaim, being honored as both Best Mac Software and Best of Show. Since it’s debut this award winning software solution has been scoring rave reviews for its simplicity, security and integration.

Dolly Drive’s Highlights:

  • Self-funded and comprised of a team of highly dedicated Mac Aficionados
  • Recently released version 1.6 with significant upgrades to functionality and performance
  • Recent international expansion to the EU with the launch of our Rome data center; providing a global Dolly Grid
  • Scalable architecture that provides economies of scale
  • Awarded numerous honors including MacExpo Best in Show
  • Proven ability to deliver cost effective, rapidly deployed, stable releases
  • Praised by press and blogged about from all over the world

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