Before there was Apple TV

Over at Ars Technica, there’s an in-depth look at the Macintosh TV. No, not the Apple TV—that’s something completely different.

If you weren’t an Apple nerd 20 years ago, you probably don’t know much about the fabled (and failed) Macintosh TV. It was a boxy, jet-black all-in-one Mac that came with all the bells and whistles of the time: a 32 MHz Motorola 68030 processor, 5 MB of RAM (which you could boost to a whopping 8) 160 MB of internal hard drive storage, and a 14″ 640×480 Sony Trinitron Monitor.


Oh, and there was the black box’s killer feature: a built-in TV tuner! But this was the olden days, of course, so you could watch TV or putter around in System 7.1—but not both at the same time.

You can read more about the Macintosh TV experience over at Ars, or check out this in-depth Macintosh TV restoration, complete with pictures.

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