The Real Siri (and Cheap iPhones!)

Siri is one of those iOS features that I never thought I’d need…until I started using it. Now, I use Siri several times a day to do everything from checking to see if there’s a baseball game today (useful for planning transit trips) to setting a timer for my morning tea. I use Siri to check weather for upcoming trips, and to send text messages when I’m driving or otherwise have my hands full. But I never really thought about who the “real” Siri was until today.


According to CNN, the voice of Siri is Susan Bennett, a voice actor from Georgia. Though Apple won’t confirm it, Bennett says she recorded the voice eight years ago, not knowing at the time that she’d end up interacting with millions of iPhone users on a daily basis.

In 2005, Bennett spent four hours a day for the entire month of June recording “nonsensical words and phrases” which were then isolated and digitized, where they were used as the building blocks for Siri’s signature sound. You can read more about the process, and see & hear the real Siri over at

PS: Best Buy is having an iPhone 5c sale…but you’ve got to be quick!

It’s only offered in-store, but Best Buy is offering a $50 gift card that you can use on the spot to cut the price of a new 5c down to $49. If you’re planning on buying a 5c this weekend, you might want to check Best Buy before heading to Apple or your carrier’s stores.

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