The Mini-est Mac Ever

Ah, the Mac Classic. Believe it or not, I used to lay out newspaper pages on a Mac Classic, with a 9-inch screen. There was lots of scrolling involved. Even though it was tiny, monochrome, and in terrible shape, I loved that machine. To this day, I have fond memories of working on that Mac, even though it was underpowered, and ill-suited to the task at hand. But like many Mac users, the Classic form factor was my first exposure to the Mac, and I loved that boxy little machine.

Lots of Mac owners cherish their old Macs, and there’s a growing hobbyist scene of people restoring and updating vintage machines. But I’ve never seen anything quite like this:


Designer John Leake has hand-built a working 1/3-scale Mac, dubbed the “Mini Mac.” Built from sheets of PVC, a Raspberry Pi computer, a 3.5-inch LCD display, and a whole lot of Mac love, the Mini Mac is simply amazing. It even runs MacPaint.


You can check out some additional photographs and details here, and hear all about the Mini Mac on the RetroMacCast.

We can’t wait for the Mini Cube….

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