So What’s the Deal with the New iPhone?

So What’s the deal with the new iPhone?

That’s the question on everybody’s lips these days. Will this be the 5S? Is the “cheap iPhone” real? Will it come in different colors?

Apple, of course, is not saying a word, although it’s pretty much a given that they’ll announce something in September. Or maybe a couple of somethings. While recent history has shown that whenever Apple releases a phone, previous models become “step down” options at lower prices, that doesn’t mean Apple won’t change their pattern. Pretty much everyone is convinced that a lower-priced iPhone 5C is about to launch, in an array of iPod mini-esque candy colors.

Gold iPhone

And then there’s the Japanese site that leaked photos of an alleged new gold iPhone.

Are they real, or just really good fakes? There’s some speculation that the lower-cost plastic models are being built for “emerging markets” where Apple doesn’t have the smartphone market share that it does in places like the US, where the iPhone accounts for 39% of all smartphones. Traditionally, Apple likes to keep their product line down to as few different options as possible, so that scenario seems unlikely. What’s more likely is a global launch of a lower-cost version of the iPhone, possibly with a plastic case, rather than the aluminum we’ve become accustomed to, along with a higher-powered, feature-rich iPhone 5S priced in line with previous iPhone launches.

The 5S is rumored to have everything from a larger battery, to a fingerprint scanner integrated into the Home button. As cool as that sounds, that particular feature has the ring of “wishful thinking” to it. I’d be happy to be proven wrong about that one—even typing in a passcode gets too tedious sometimes. But even if there’s no fingerprint scanner, I’d settle for a gesture-based unlock.

If you want get up to speed on all of the iPhone 5S rumors, check out Gizmodo’s excellent “Everything We Think We Know” for all of the (alleged) details.

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