Could you handle a ‘Distraction-Free’ iPhone?

Does your iPhone drive you crazy? Is the constant pinging and beeping of everything from email to Instagram keeping you from getting stuff done that’s actually important? Is it impossible to get through a meal without picking up your phone (if so, maybe you should try stacking)?

There are a couple of ways to lessen the distractions. For one, learn to use the Notifications pane in Settings. Even just turning off a alert sounds for just a few apps can make your iPhone much more tolerable. Do you really need an audible alert every time someone mentions you on Twitter?

The Do Not Disturb feature built into iOS 6 is another good way to get some peace. Flip it on in Settings to give yourself some temporary peace and quiet, or use the Schedule function to turn DND on and off every day automatically.

Of course, if those aren’t enough, you could take the nuclear option and delete or deactivate services from your phone.

When people see my iPhone they’re like, “My God, man, do you have some kind of crazy phone virus?” It’s got no web browser. No email. No Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook. It looks like this:


The Distraction-Free iPhone might work for Jake Knapp, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to handle such a minimalist approach. There is probably something to be said for cutting down on the number of ways your iPhone can tempt you into doing something besides whatever you should be doing, however.

What do you think? Is your iPhone a productivity machine, or just a giant time-suck? We want to hear more about your favorite apps and iOS tricks for being more productive. Tweet ’em our way @DollyDrive.

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