Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac with DollyDrive

Our buddy Joe Kissell has a new book out. It’s called Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac. We’re back-up geeks (duh!) and we’re absolutely stoked that Joe included DollyDrive in the book. In fact, here’s what he has to say about us:

In short, DollyDrive is the complete package—the only way I know of to get versioned local and online backups, a bootable duplicate, cloud syncing, and file sharing in a single piece of software.

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Pretty awesome, right?

We’ve been reading the book, and it’s full of good advice and best-practices for backing up your Macs. If you’re still on the fence about “why”, or intimidated by the “what” and the “how” of backing up, you should give Joe’s book a read. As an added bonus, there’s a coupon included for 20% off your DollyDrive account.

Of course, we’re always here to help. Contact our ace support team if you have any questions about DollyDrive, or how to set up a bulletproof backup that will leave you ready for anything.

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