Help DollyDrive Be the Best!

businessdollyLifehacker is one of our favorite technology sites. It’s full of tips and tricks to help us get more done in less time. Right now, they’re polling readers to find the best cloud storage service. We already know who comes out on top of that list, (hint: they do so much more than just cloud storage, and their mascot is a cute sheep) but we need your help to make sure other Lifehacker readers know .

So if you’ve got a minute, and you love DollyDrive, we’d love it if you’d cast a vote for us. We’re working hard to build the best integrated, all-in-one solution for Mac backup, cloud storage, and syncing, and we want everyone to be part of the flock.

And speaking of the flock, we want to hear from you! Has DollyDrive saved you from a data disaster? How are you using Space to make syncing, storing and sharing files easier? Tell us your DollyDrive story: send an email to

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