Are You Ready for Apple’s Mavericks & iOS 7?

iOS 7.

OS X Mavericks.

They’re all anybody can talk about these days (but then again, I spent this week hopping between WWDC events [read: parties -Ed.] in San Francisco). Both operating systems are packed with new features, but will all of those new bells and whistles work with your gear? If you’ve got a late-model Mac, iPad, or iPhone, the answer is pretty much “yes,” but for users with older hardware things get a little more complicated.

iOS Devices

You could read the teeny tiny footnotes way on the bottom of Apple’s iOS 7 page and try to decipher it, or just check out this awesomely useful chart from The Apple Lounge.

iOS 7 Compatibility Chart

[Click to embiggen]


Spoiler: If your Mac can run Mountain Lion, it’ll work with Mavericks. In general, if you have a Mac from 2008 or later, you’re probably OK. Apple Insider has more specifics on which Macs will work. If yours doesn’t make the cut, well I can’t think of a better excuse to get yourself one of those hot new MacBook Airs. Or maybe a Mac Pro. Either way, you totally deserve it.

Keep in mind though that both iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks are both currently developer previews, so some of the specs and specific feature compatibility could change between now and when the final versions are released.

And what about DollyDrive? Don’t worry. We’ve got our top sheep working on getting ready for OS X Mavericks and iOS 7.

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