Apple Unveils iOS7, Mac Pro, New MacBook Air & iRadio at WWDC 2013

Wow. There’s been plenty of doubt about the future of Apple and iOS lately, but yesterday’s announcements at WWDC were pretty big. If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, you can catch the whole keynote over at In case you missed it, here’s the biggest news:

  • iOS 7 is coming. It’s flat, iOS 7 iPhonecolorful, and has tons of new features. My favorite is the new Control Center, for quick access to settings like Brightness, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • New Mac ProOMG new Mac Pros! I don’t even really need a Mac Pro…but come on! They’re like the love-child of the Mac Cube and Darth Vader. How can you not want one? Seriously.
  • The next big cat is…not a cat at all. OS X Mavericks (named for the gnarly* California big-wave surf spot) is the next iteration of OS X. It’s packed with some amazing new features, including (finally!) tabbed Finder windows, some slick new Calendar views, better support for multiple displays, and all sorts of performance-enchancing tweaks under the hood that will Mac run faster and use less power. There’s even something called App Nap in there—everyone likes a nap every now and then.
  • iTunes Radio. It’s a real thing. Apple’s getting into the music streaming biz, with a kinda-sorta competitor to Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and all the other guys. We’ll have to wait until Fall to see how it stacks up. I’d like to think it will be great—after all, iTunes has a ton of data about exactly what I listen to. Hopefully they’ll be able to mash that up with other peoples’ preferences and bring me super-customized streaming stations. It’ll be ad-supported, but iTunes Match subscribers will be able to listen ad-free.
  • New MacBook Airs! Available now! Better, and cheaper! Really you should just stop reading this and go buy one now (and if you do, use your existing DollyDrive account to keep stuff in-sync across multiple machines).

If you’re looking for all the details in one spot, The Verge has a great roundup of all the WWDC 2013 announcements, including additional details on the new Airport Extreme & Time Capsule, web-based iWork, and more.

*Oh man, I’m never going to hear the end of it from the Dolly crew in New York for using the word “gnarly”. Sorry…my California is showing. —Ray

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