The Beauty of Nature Meets the Power of iPhoto & DollySpace

Let me preface this by saying that if you are telling me that 2 or 3 free GBs of a cloud syncing service like DollySpace or Dropbox is enough for you, then you are missing a bigger concept.

Last week, a girl I know from work asked me if I had a tent she could borrow. (She knows that I like camping and of course, the answer was yes). Her boyfriend wanted to go camping and she very reluctantly agreed to go. She, however, wanted a hotel near the woods. I told her I knew a campsite she would love. It wasn’t too far a ride, and was right on the Delaware River. A beautiful drive-up campground that was better than any hotel. I hadn’t been there in about 5 years but it’s the kind of place that makes any newbie camper fall in love with overnighting by a river.

Now obviously, since I hadn’t been there in 5 years ago, my pictures weren’t on my phone, they weren’t on my PhotoStream and they weren’t on my new laptop. Except – they were. Because they were in DollySpace. So I pulled it up right from the cloud. A picture I had loaded on my iMac 5 years ago was ready and available on my new MacBook. It lived there with my entire Photo Collection. In Dolly Space.

Now she’s going. And pretty excited. Because the picture was beautiful. And may I say, so was the DollySpace experience.


Want to find out where this spot is & how to camp on it? Tweet us @dollydrive for details.

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