Humans to Mars Summit: Use Dolly Space today & it’ll be on Mars for your kids

As you know, we love Space. And while I’m partially talking about Dolly Drive’s Cloud Storage feature, I’m also talking about the thing from which was born Freeze Dried Ice Cream – Space Space.

This week, the H2M Humans to Mars Summit has been happening at George Washington University in Washington, DC and the event has, of course, focused on putting a colony on Mars.

photo 3-1There is no date set but between NASA officials and private venturers, most seem to be roughly throwing around the 2030s. That seems like a long time but think about it. If you had a kid today, by the time that kid is in college, we’ll have people on Mars!  That’s not so crazy. (Especially considering that 18 years ago I was in college and that feels like yesterday!)

Assuming that any mission will include internet connectivity between the colony and Earth, that means sometime in the 2030s, you’ll be able to access everything in your Dolly Space account on Mars. Your pictures, your music, your videos from today will be available for you on Mars. Even without your own Computer! You can borrow a fellow Mars tourist’s computer.

So, how’s that for one of the awesome benefits of Dolly Space? All you have to do is buy Dolly Space today, select files to archive, and your kid born today will be able to watch your iPhone movies and look at your iPhoto Pics in about 20 years from now on Mars. This is just the beginning folks. It’s Bigger than Backup.


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