Dolly 2.0 is (almost) here & you won’t believe this sheep.

2.0. Say it with me. Or spell it. Two-Point-Oh. Yes, DollyDrive’s online storage & versioned backup for Mac has finally hit the big 2.0. So what does that mean?

Welcome to DollyDrive - Class of 2.0Without getting into all of the details, let’s just say the little lamb has grown up into one big, bad cloud storage sheep. You can see everything that’s new this Thursday in our 15 Minutes with our Dolly Drive webinar.

Since we launched in 2011, DollyDrive has improved so drastically that it’s hard to put into words. First the capabilities grew to include cloud storage and file syncing. Then we left behind Time Machine in the cloud for a more fluid, more stable, and more controlled platform.

Which led us to our holy trinity of questions:

  1. How are people using DollyDrive?
  2. How do people want to use DollyDrive?
  3. How do we make it even easier to use DollyDrive?

So when you get to those answers, you get to DollyDrive 2.0.

  • Improved and more intuitive look and feel for getting started.
  • Seamless Finder integration & a more powerful menubar DropDown.
  • Faster backups & transfers with near zero impact to the system.
  • Enhanced file sharing for collaboration

2.0 will be available for download very soon. But to see what’s new for yourself, don’t miss the webinar! This Thursday. 15 Minutes with Dolly Drive

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