What is Cloud-Down Backup & why are we webinaring it?

On Tuesday, we’re going to be talking about creating a Cloud-Down Backup solution in our webinar. But before we started, we wanted to explain a little about what that actually means.

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Think of how backup has been framed up until now. 

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Cloud-Down Backup versus traditional, one computer, Ground-Up Backup, looks at Cloud Productivity & Data Accessibility first, and then creates multiple redundancies of that content without being limited by local hard drive storage space. In other words, keep it in the cloud, access it all locally when you need to, in any variation you need, on any computer – current or previous version – or any iOS device. See more in our webinar!

It started because you had your computer and knew if anything happened to it that stuff would be lost. So, we were told, make a copy of everything on your computer, and store that copy somewhere else. First it was on a local drive nearby you.

But then someone said “Why not put it in the cloud?” And people laughed and giggled, but alas there was cloud backup of your computer.

We call that “Ground-Up backup.” Why? Because your Mac (on the ground) – stores copies somewhere else. Locally (on the ground too), or in the cloud (up).

But something changed – we started working in the cloud. Why? Because we no longer have one computer and we have a lot of data (pictures, music, movies, scans, etc). We have 2,3, 4 or more, between our iMacs at home, our Macbooks at work, our iPhones, and our iPads, and we are constantly creating more. Thinking about 1 single hard drive is archaic. So that’s why we created Dolly Space.

The Dolly team said, here’s a better way to look at your stuff – store it all in the cloud and have it accessible everywhere. Whether you have your computer or not, because you left it at home or it fell into a canal, you can still get those files anywhere or share it with someone wherever you are.

Then we said, “But people will still want it to be kept locally too, right? Whether for offline convenience or redundancy/comfort?” So, even though it’s in the “cloud”, they want a copy “Down” here too. So that’s a form of backup.

But, as we all know, versioning matters. If you are going to back things up, you may as well be able to go back to any version. So those versions can be kept locally on a hard drive (with Dolly Drive local backup) or they can then be kept backed up in the cloud too (Dolly Drive cloud backup).

And the whole system it’s running on – well let’s have a copy of that too so our actual computer is protected, not just the files. That’s a clone.

To paraphrase an old saying “Your stuff is worth more than the hard drive it’s saved on.”

So that’s what a Cloud-Down Backup solution does. Instead of relying first on your local hard drive, we say, let’s store it in our own personal cloud space, and THEN make sure it’s protected and available locally and online.

Does that make sense? Either way, let’s talk more about it on Tuesday!

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