TUAW Talkcast reminds us why we love Mac

Being on the TUAW Talkcast last Sunday night was a reminder of the thing I love so much about the Dolly Drive experience – it’s fun to work in the Mac world. And I’m not talking about Dolly being designed to match the Mac experience. I mean it’s fun for us, the people behind Dolly Drive, to work with Mac fans. It’s fun to design a product geared for Mac users, because Mac users care so much about technology.

Anthony Palermo & Mark Ross at the Adobe Photo Booth at Macworld/iWorld 2013

If you heard the show, we spent a good 25 minutes with Kelly, Jeff, Doc, Mike, and the TUAW team, talking about T-Mobile’s new pricing structure, and whether the other carriers will follow it. And it was a great lively conversation. But here’s why it was awesome – because we could even have it. Enough people had enough strong opinions about their smart devices & data plans, to have an enlightened conversation, and enough people cared enough to hear the conversation that they downloaded and listened to it.

You realize that’s a special thing, right? You realize that most people don’t care that much? You realize most people don’t backup, let alone know what an incremental bootable clone is? You do realize that most people don’t have 8 of the 12 panels in their Top Sites viewer devoted to Mac websites. Most people don’t care about this stuff. That’s why it’s so exciting to speak with people who do.

It’s fun to have dialogue with customers and even non-customers. It’s fun to exchange dialogue with Dolly users, even when they have negative reviews, because of the fact that they care so much about every little detail about their computer. And they should! Mac lover or not, we live by computer now. But like our cars, most people never take the time to understand how they work. And when you meet someone who does understand cars, they sound super cool and super smart.

So that’s what I’m saying about you guys. I love talking to you about Mac because, ironic as this might sound since most technophiles are automatically labeled as “geeky” in life, your passion for Mac makes you sound super cool and super smart. And that’s awesome to be around.

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