Listen to us on the TUAW Podcast. Sunday night….and forever!

Are you a podcast listener? It’s amazing how all of those conversations are being recorded and saved as digital files somewhere online.

For instance, this Sunday night we’ll be on the TUAW Talkcast with Kelly Guimont talking about backup. Which we’re super excited about as we love Kelly and we love TUAW!

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But what’s amazing is that that conversation will now probably be downloadable somewhere, forever. Because of media today, my grandkids will probably be able to go to their iTunes (or iTunes Classic) and download us talking to Kelly.

That is why the cloud is so amazing.

It makes things accessible for you forever. Not just because it’s there, but because it’s digital. THAT is why the cloud really matters.

See, when I was a kid, my dad had a reel-to-reel audio tape player. (Remember those? Like a film projector for audio.)

The cloud protects you from technology changing or things getting lost

One time, my dad’s friend, who had grown up in Argentina, found an old reel-to-reel tape of his own father, who had passed away many years prior, being interviewed by a family member about his life. Unfortunately, it had gone unlistened to because he had no device to play it on. Until he found out my dad had a reel to reel player that he could use.

So he came to our house one afternoon, plugged in his headphones, and sat for hours listening. You can imagine how powerful that was for him – to hear his father
speaking again about things he never knew.

Back then, the problem was that even if you had the content, you needed to match the device with the format. First tape, then cassette, than CD, (Laserdisc anyone?). By that point, no one but people like my dad had reel-to-reel players. Digital changes that. If you record something digitally – it will be playable forever. Today iPods and laptops – tomorrow something we have no idea about.

Because my guess is that from here on out, the device will always match your
digital format.

Cloud Storage is your personal, forever, iTunes Podcast section.

And while iTunes does it for professional podcasts, personal cloud storage like
Dolly Drive does it for your content.

So imagine if that that taped interview had been recorded on a digital file. Not
only would it be kept on a format agnostic device so he could have listened on
any device he had, but he could then forward it to his sister in San Francisco so
she could hear Dad’s interview too on whatever she wanted – her iPhone, for

That’s the point of storing & backing up your stuff digitally in the cloud with a
service like Dolly Drive.

Because you never know when you’ll need and want it. Until you do.

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