Go Big or Go Home: Dolly Solves the Problem of Large Backups

The first time I ever upgraded a Mac hard drive, I went from 40 megabytes to 70 megabytes. The drive cost about $400, but at the time, that extra 30 megs represented a sea change. After all, what on earth was I going to do with 70 megabytes worth of hard disk storage? Of course this was years before gigantic iTunes libraries, photo archives with thousands of images, and entire seasons of television shows started filling up my Mac gigabytes at a time. These days, your Mac is probably packed full of more data than you ever thought possible. We’re not just talking lots of files, either—files are multiplying and getting larger at the same time. dolly-icon

At Dolly Drive, we take data very seriously. And unlike the other guys, we’ve designed our backups to work well with even your largest files. Other cloud services exclude large files by default, or throttle your backup speed if you’re sending large files, but Dolly’s ready for whatever you need to backup. Thanks to careful tweaking, your big backups will be fast, too. Don’t worry about making one change to a Word document and having to re-send your entire Windows 8 virtual machine up to the cloud. Dolly Drive will intelligently send only the part that’s changed.

With Dolly Drive, data is data. We don’t limit what you can store or backup by filetype or size, and we’re certainly not going to penalize you by throttling your bandwidth when you actually dare to use the storage space you’ve paid for. It’s your stuff. We just want to make sure you have the fastest, easiest, most reliable access to it, no matter where you are.

To find out more about how Dolly protects your data no matter how big it is, join us on Wednesday, May 1 at 12:30 PM Eastern for our next 15-minute webinar: Solving the backup challenge with Parallels, Fusion & other Big Data!. The Dolly team will be on hand to walk you through even the biggest backups, and you can ask whatever questions you need to have answered. See you then!

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