Dolly Defeats Undersea-Cable-Snipping Bad Guys

From the “What the whaaaaaaaat?!” file comes a story that sounds like it was ripped from the pages of a James Bond script.

According to Reuters, the Egyptian coast guard picked up a trio of evil-doers in diving gear who were attempting to cut through an undersea cable that connects the

region to the internet. The cable is owned by Egypt Telecom, the only provider of such services in the area.

According to a spokesman, “the armed forces foiled an attempt and arrested three divers while they were cutting a submarine cable.”

While the prospect of being without internet services is terrifying (how would I post Instagrammed photos of my lunch to Facebook?), I know my data would be fine. Why? Because even without the cloud, Dolly has you covered. In addition to our online storage and backup, Dolly offers tools to create local copies as well. And with Dolly Space’s sync technology, your important files are stored in the cloud, and locally on your devices. So bring it, underwater-cable-chopping bad guys. The sheep is ready.

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