Are Mobile Payments Apple’s iOS 7 Killer App?

For the last few years, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference has taken place in San Francisco in early June. In typical Apple style, they haven’t even announced the dates for WWDC 2013 yet, although the slightest amount of Googling makes early June seem like a shoe-in yet again. Even without an official announcement, the rumor mill is starting to spin, with analysts weighing in every day about what Apple’s next move will be.

WWDC is the traditional launching point for new versions of iOS, so predictions for iOS 7 are flying fast and furious. Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty says Apple will launch a “killer app,” most likely streaming music, or a new mobile payment system.

While neither of these really fits my definition of “killer,” it did get me thinking about what I’d really like to see in iOS 7.

More granular Do Not Disturb settings- Don’t get me wrong, I love the recently introduced Do Not Disturb functions, especially the ability to schedule DnD to kick in automatically. It prevents my sister’s ultra-early morning texts from interrupting my last hour of sleep. But my weekday schedule is quite a bit different than weekends, and it would be nice if my iPhone could recognize that.

Passcode Gestures- Sure, it may not be as secure as an 87-character alphanumeric password, but this is my phone we’re talking about. If I could do a quick reverse-Zorro swipe to unlock it, that would be awesome.

Easier App-Switching- In theory, double-tapping isn’t that hard, but sometimes I’m a millisecond too slow and Siri pops up, or the taps don’t register, or…. A gesture-based system to bring up the app-switching controls would just be a lot simpler.

Quicker access to settings- Obviously Apple likes to keep its hardware streamlined, and that’s fine. But could we get an easier way to access software settings like Bluetooth, WiFi, Brightness, and Airplane Mode? Ideally, since one size doesn’t fit all, a way to configure your most-used settings into a customizable pop-up palate would be perfect.

Maps That Work- Apple Maps has been a disaster. Fine, can we get a fix? Or at least the ability to specify a default third-party mapping app? Google Maps works like a charm.

What do you want to see from iOS 7? Is a mobile payment system Apple’s next “killer app?” Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @DollyDrive.

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