Apple’s iCloud & Dolly Drive Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

It’s probably no surprise that Strategy Analytics pegged iCloud as the most popular cloud service. After all, there are millions of Mac and iOS users out there, and iCloud is baked into all of those devices.

Of course, when iCloud was announced, even long-time Mac users were skeptical. After all, many of us were still reeling from the disaster that was MobileMe. But with nearly 27 percent of survey respondents using iCloud, clearly Apple’s focus on ease-of-use has paid off.

At Dolly Drive, we’re iCloud users ourselves. iCloud keeps my calendars, contacts, web history, and other data in sync across several Macs, iPhones, and iPads. And I’m happy to say that iCloud has been rock-solid for me, whereas MobileMe resulted in more than a few epic data losses. But iCloud has its own quirks. Thankfully, Dolly Drive works seamlessly alongside iCloud, allowing you to keep your devices in sync, and offering options that iCloud alone just doesn’t offer. By mixing and matching services, you can build your own custom cloud solution that works the same way you do.

One of the biggest iCloud stumbling blocks is the insistence on documents belonging to particular apps. For example, I take lots of plain-text notes, but some of those notes end up in emails to the rest of the Dolly team, as to-do items, blog posts, tweets, or posts on our Facebook page. Using iCloud, I wouldn’t be able to do that, without a whole lot of copying and pasting of different bits into different apps. Instead, I use Dolly Space to sync a folder of documents across all my devices, and open files with particular apps when I need to send, edit, email, or post them.

iCloud and it’s sibling iTunes Match is also great for making your entire library available on all your devices—most of the time. When it works, it works great. But when you’re offline, or working with wonky WiFi (hotels and planes come to mind), having all your tracks in iCloud isn’t much help. But thanks to Dolly’s library syncing, you can easily and automatically have access to your entire iTunes library from multiple Macs. It works for iPhoto, too!

iCloud also limits how you access your data. Calendars and contacts are available on the web, and you can access some files in some Mac applications, but there’s no simple way to browse all your cloud files. Maybe your battery died, or you accidentally left your MacBook back at the office. With Dolly Space, you can access all your files from anywhere, including someone else’s machine. Simply log-in to your account at for access to everything in Dolly Space. It works in any browser, on any computer, and you don’t have to worry about certain apps being available.

These are just a few of the ways that Dolly Drive works with iCloud. We’d love to hear how you’re using the two together. Comment here, on Facebook, or tweet us @DollyDrive. And if you need help setting up your ideal cloud syncing solution, check out our support pages, or give us a shout via email. We’re here to help.

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