Why we observe Easter, Passover & World Backup Day

This year, World Backup Day, Easter & Passover fall on the same day. Could you ever have a better aligning of holidays?

Now, I am not trivializing these important days, although in a funny way, they do tie together. (Easter is about the miracle of returning to life and Passover is about carrying around your home, even when you’re away from home.  That’s pretty much what we do for digital life with Dolly Drive).

But what I mean is this: OBSERVING Easter and Passover is about taking action so the truly important things in life will never be lost which is what World Backup Day is about.

Think about it. Why do we observe Easter and Passover every year? If you’ve heard the stories once, why do you have to hear them again? Why do you go to Church or have a seder every single year? Because if you don’t stop & take action to hold on to their significance, they will eventually be gone.

If people stop going to Church every year to remind themselves of the story of Easter, then eventually it will no longer be known. When you take action to go to Church, you do your part to keep the message from ever getting lost. It’s the same reason why Jews hold a seder every year. Because if they don’t take action to retell the story of Passover year after year, then eventually it might cease to exist.

And that’s the point of World Backup Day. You can’t just assume that just because something is important it will be there forever.

You have to take action to keep it from going away.

Think about how much of your life is now digital?  Your job is to make sure it doesn’t go away. If you don’t keep it alive, no one will. That’s what backup is about.

Now, I’m not talking about your computer, your tablets, your iPhone, etc. They are all replaceable.

But what you have on those things is not. You cannot get back that video of great grandma kissing your newborn child. Apple doesn’t sell that.  You can’t recreate all of those blueprints and sketches you’ve been working on for years if that data is lost. That is your life, your memories, your digital soul. It’s not on iTunes.

As I said, I’m not trivializing Easter & Passover. (In fact, I’m lucky enough to celebrate both).  I’m just saying, that the reason we take a day every year to celebrate them is to take action so they are never lost.

That’s what World Backup Day, this Sunday, March 31 is all about.  Making a day special so we never forget how important the idea behind it is.

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