What’s the best way to get started using Dolly Drive?

I asked a Mac user to give me two words to describe getting started with Dolly Drive. His first word was “exciting”. The second was “daunting”. But once he got going, he said “I was ‘Surprised’. Surprised that I could do all of that stuff so easily.”

Which is why I hope you’ll join us Wednesday at 12pm for “15 Minutes With Dolly” with Dolly Drive VP of Customer Relations, Mark Ross. Because we want to get you even more excited, get rid of any of the daunt, and be surprised by everything you can do with Dolly Drive.

You see, our research shows a pretty even split for why Mac users come to Dolly Drive these days. Half want Space for Cloud Storage, and the other half are thinking about Online Backup.

A New Solution for Cloud Storage

Those who want Space usually use Dropbox or iCloud, but they’re left feeling that there could be a more complete solution. Or they are tired of filling up hard drive after hard drive when there’s a perfectly good cloud at their fingertips for storing their stuff.


 Online backup of your Mac

The other half of Mac users come to Dolly for online backup. They may already use Crashplan or Carbonite and their looking to try something else. They may have heard about us as a Time Machine in the cloud solution (please note: for Snow Leopard only. Not for Lion or Mountain Lion.). Or they may have heard about Dolly’s Mac-inspired approach to backup.

And while they certainly have great appeal, Dolly users don’t necessarily come to us for just local backup or our bootable clone.

So that’s why joining us for our webinar on using cloud storage & backup is so important.

Because what makes Dolly so amazing isn’t that it doesn’t any of these things, it’s that it does all of these things. And it’s actually pretty easy.

Anywhere Access & Everywhere Backup of your Mac

If you truly care about being able to access your data whenever you want, and never want to worry that you won’t be able to, then you’ll be surprised to learn that nobody does more to give you access & protection of your data than Dolly Drive.

And we make using Dolly Drive exciting. Because the risks you are exposed to when  you use anything less than Dolly’s anywhere access & everywhere backup is actually pretty daunting.

Join us for “15 Minutes with Dolly” Weds, March 20 at 12:15pm ET.

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