Why the most important thing you’ll see at Macworld2013 is Dolly Drive

Take a trip back in time with me for a moment.  We launched Dolly Drive at Macworld 2011.  At the time, we had no idea how people would react. We assumed that Mac users who loved Time Machine and knew the value of backup would be excited by the idea of taking that experience to the cloud. But we had maybe 50 beta users. So, on day two, when the editors at Maclife came to our booth to inform us that they’d awarded us their Best of Show, we were mind-blown.

In hindsight, I look back and I can tell you that Dolly at the time really wasn’t that special. I mean, it was cool, and it was important, but Dolly Drive was not a window into the future.

This Thursday, I can honestly tell you that we will have the most important product on the entire floor. In two years, you will look back and realize it was almost a “World’s Fair-ish” view into the future of your computer life.

Now, I’m not saying we’re going to win any awards. Most likely we wont.

And I’m not saying everyone on that floor will leave their current backup or file syncing for Dolly Drive. I’m sure they’re content.

But in two years, I believe Dolly Drive is the one product that you will look back at and realize that you saw Tomorrow-land.

Here is why. Because this is the first year that you will realize your computer’s hard drive doesn’t matter. Your iPhone or iPad doesn’t matter. People are backing up their Macs under this belief that what’s on your computer matters. It doesn’t.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Your data matters. Your files, photos, music, etc matters. But just because, for the past 20 years, we’ve kept that stuff on our computer, and then copied it over when we got a new computer, doesn’t mean that we should still think that way.

Your Mac, your phone, your ipad, these are vessels that temporarily house your digital life. But over the next 10 years, you are probably going to go through over a dozen devices. In the past 3 years, I’ve had 6 phones/computers!

If they were so important, would I have had 6 in 3 years?!!! Why am I burdening them with holding everything that matters to me? Why am I still acting like I will only have 1 computer and 1 phone for the next 10 years?

Every night, I leave the office, leave my Macbook at the office, and then come home, open Dolly Space on my iMac, and go back to my stuff.  If I crash, I have Dolly Clone ready for instant recovery. If I need an old file, I know Dolly Drive is backing up every version of my files so I search and restore.

But the point is, my life is no longer about keeping things on my devices and Macs. It’s about having those things available when Im on those devices or Macs.

There’s a difference. And that is the difference between the way you’ve been doing things up til now, and the way you’re going to do it moving forward.

See Tomorrow-land at Macworld2013. Visit the Dolly Drive booth.

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