Why go to Macworld? It’s like discovering superpowers you never knew you had.

When I tell people I’m heading out to Macworld this week, people always get excited with questions. They always ask “Is it so cool?”

Don't miss Dolly Drive at Booth 442.

My answer is usually, no. Not that Macworld’s not awesome, but it’s not awesome because of all the new gadgets or Apple products. Frankly, there are none.

(One caveat: Dave Hamilton & the Mac Observer’s Cirque du Mac party is  awesome!)

People used to go to Macworld to see the next great thing from Apple. Mac computers. iPods. The iPhone. You could touch and feel the future. But thanks to Apple retail stores, I can do that at the mall 6 minutes from my house.

Going to Macworld is no longer about seeing the next big piece of Apple hardware.

Going to Macworld is about discovering you have SuperPowers you never knew you had.  It’s like Luke learning to harness his Jedi powers. Or Bruce Willis discovering he’s unbreakable.

Think about it, if you’re at Macworld, you likely already own a Mac. But you might not realize all the awesome stuff you can do right now with your Mac. Some are tools that are already built into your OS (which you learn about in talks) and some of it’s stuff you can add really easily (which you see visiting the vendors and developers at the show).

That’s what I love about it. It’s like being Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. “You mean with these ruby slippers I had the power to go home this whole time?”

Macworld will be the first time the public sees our new Dolly Backup & Dolly Space virtual storage face-to-face. Not a webinar, or a Webex session, or a Mac user group presentation.  It’s the first time we’ll see 1000’s of people take their first live look at their Mac through the all new Dolly Drive.

And when they see that Dolly Space’s cloud storage turns their 32 GB iPhone into a 250 gig powerhouse or how we’ve turned online backup into a more Mac-like experience, or even how we make physical hard drives irrelevant, they get excited. Even when Dolly customers find out some cool features they hadn’t been using, it’s an awesome experience.

There was a time when going to Macworld was about seeing the future of Apple.

Now, it’s about seeing the future of your Mac.

Don’t miss the all new Dolly Drive featuring Space, Live at Macworld 2013.  Booth 442

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