Two years after launching as Time Machine in the cloud, Dolly Drive is now something entirely different.

You want to see something amazing? Look at the picture on the right. That’s one of the earliest interfaces for Dolly Drive. Pretty basic, now that we look back, wouldn’t you say? Now, here’s what’s even more amazing. That was a mere thirteen months ago. That screenshot was taken November 25, 2011 when only Dolly Drive offered Time Machine in the cloud & a bootable clone. And that’s it!

Now, fast forward (or ahem, ahem – Time Travel!) one year. Look at the image on the left. In under 14 months, we’ve released the most beautiful cloud backup & storage application this industry has ever seen, and especially for Mac users.  We took what we knew about Time Machine,  what we learned about cloud storage, and our unrelenting passion for the beauty and elegance of the Apple experience, and built the all new Dolly Drive. And it’s awesome.

Whatever you knew about Dolly Drive before, this ain’t even close to the same thing.

Not only can you create versioned backups of everything on your Mac, but you can actually elevate all of your files & folders off of your hard drive, and store them completely in the cloud, for instant access on any computer and any iOS device. And if that’s not enough, every file you use is then cached locally so that the only thing taking up space on your hard drive, are the things you need most frequently.

I will lay down this challenge. Show me ANY Cloud solution, and I will show you why it doesn’t compare.

People always say to me, well I already backup with (Fill in the blank). Or I already put my files I need to share or access in (fill in the blank).  And my media is synced to my phone with (fill in the blank).

I will tell you what. NONE of those services, gives you as much versatility, as much data access, as much data protection, as much control, and as much pleasure to use on your Mac, than Dolly Drive.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Join us this Tuesday, January 15 at 12:15pm Eastern for “15 Minutes with Dolly”, a new weekly webinar series showcasing how to make the most out of your Dolly Drive account.  You can watch it live or catch the replay on

If you are just getting started with Dolly and still want to know everything you can do with it, or you don’t believe that Dolly Drive blows the doors of your current solution, you won’t want to miss this.

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