Our Ultimate New Year’s Resolution: A little getting in shape, a lot of cloud backup & sync

When did weight loss corner the market on New Year’s Resolutions? Since New Year’s Day, it feels like TV shows are just filler around ads telling me I need to lose weight in the new year. “Join a gym”. “Go on a diet”. “Eat this cereal, not that one”.

Which is easier? This or starting a backup?

Don’t get me wrong, physical fitness is great, but why isn’t anyone else getting in on the New Year’s resolution thing?  After all, losing weight is hard, frustrating, & totally eliminates one of the most awesomest things ever – deliciousness!

But backup & sync are about giving yourself more. And it’s totally calorie free!

That’s why, Dolly Drive is declaring ourselves the Anti-Loss New Year’s Resolution. Backup your Mac and NEVER lose anything. Sync your Macs and never be at a loss for a file you need.

In 2013, forget “hit the gym & lose 10 pounds before summer”.  Make it “Skip the gym, start your backup and DON’T LOSE ANYTHING!”

If anyone asks why you didn’t go to the gym, tell ‘em you were too busy backing up your Mac. If they say “Your Health is more important”, tell them, “No more important than protecting myself from losing everything on my computer.” And if they tell you they go to the gym everyday, tell them you backup every hour. You’re like the technology power of Ivan Drago’s training and the heart and soul of Rocky’s training, but for getting your Mac in top shape.

Backups all day keep your Apple okay!

In fact, here’s the perfect Dolly Drive/Fitness workout for the ultimate New Years resolution.

Do 10 sit-ups everytime Dolly backs-up your Mac, and you’ll not only have six-pack abs before they do, you’ll be able to feel those abs flex when you laugh at them after they’ve lost everything on their Mac in a crash because they were too busy on a treadmill to actually take care of themselves.

Happy Backing Up New Year!

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