The Best Holiday Gift for Getting A Thank you Note from a Mac Lover: Backup

With the gift giving already starting, my guilt is already kicking in. Because gift giving means writing thank you notes. And I can tell you, I’m not going to write thank you notes. Not that I don’t want to. And not that I’m not thankful when people give me gifts. I just forget to.

Life gets in the way. Work deadlines get in the way. And before you know it, it’s mid-January, and I’ve missed the window. So, if you bought me a gift this holidays, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being so thoughtful.

For that reason, I think Dolly Drive online backup is the best gift for someone you know who doesn’t backup or use cloud syncing. Because like thank you notes, backup is the kind of thing people want to get around to, but life gets in the way. All too often they don’t, and when they need it, it’s too late.

But if you give them backup like Dolly, which backs up their Mac and gives them sync access to everything on it from any device, that’s easy to start up, and works almost automatically, you do something that they absolutely, 100% need, and is actually very cool and Mac-fun to use.

And when they finally do need to restore files, whether because a single file corrupted, or their whole Mac crashed, you’ll have literally given them one of the best gifts of their lives. A do over. Protection. A life save.

Dolly is not only the gift that keeps on giving, but they’ll keep thanking you for. And trust me, you’ll get a note.

This holiday’s there’s two great ways to give Dolly:

Buy a Gift Subscription

Buy One for you, Get a Free One for someone else. Buy one account for yourself, and we’ll give you a 100GB account to give to anyone you choose for free.

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