A letter about Dolly Drive & Time Machine

We have some very exciting news. We have officially introduced our new cloud platform – Dolly Drive REVO.

As you may have heard, read, or discovered, Dolly Drive REVO no longer utilizes Time Machine as its cloud backup engine, although it continues to use TM as a local option. Instead, Dolly Drive REVO offers a much more efficient and higher performing way of providing the exact same toolset with a more powerful and flexible engine for cloud transmission. Our latest version currently works with Lion & Mountain Lion with a version for Snow Leopard users coming very soon.

We do not take lightly the passion so many Mac users have for Time Machine. We are them. Dolly Drive was born from a hope that “what if the Time Machine experience could be available in the cloud?”

However, as good as Time Machine is locally, we found that it was impossible to make it truly flawless during cloud transmission. Because we believe that durability is as essential as usability, our development team set forth to create the best of both categories.

With the REVO version of Dolly Drive, they have.

Like Time Machine, Dolly Drive still offers complete versioning and restoration in a colorful, elegant, and intuitive, Mac-centric platform, but with almost zero systemic impact and overhead, faster uploads and greater data integrity.

It remains the best choice for people who love their Mac because it’s colorful, intuitive and most importantly, it just works.

Combined with our sync, storage, sharing, and clone features, Dolly Drive REVO continues to give you more protection and anywhere access of your data than any other application or service available.

Give it a try with our 100 GB Free 30-day Trial. And check out this new video tour of the REVO experience.

We think you will be blown away, because, simply put, this is the cloud you’re looking for.


Anthony Palermo
Dolly Drive Creator

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