TUAW suggests Dolly Drive for helping through Apple iMac Hard Drive Recall

Did you read about Apple’s recall of iMac Hard Drives dating back to 2009?

TUAW’s Michael Rose suggested Dolly Drive as a great Mac-friendly resource for doing local and cloud backups of your data in anticipation of the potential data loss and the switchover in replacing the HD.

With our 100 GB Free Trial, there’s never been a better time to see why Dolly Drive is the best backup for people who love their Mac.

Here’s the best way to make sure you keep your data and lose the least amount of time during your transfer.

1) Backup your most important files to the cloud with Dolly Drive’s online backup.

Once you download the Dolly Drive app, just click the Backup Now button. Dolly automatically saves everything in your most important folders. The figure on the left shows which items are automatically included. It’s probably everything you care about and none of the apps and programs that you don’t need clogging your cloud.



2)   Create a bootable clone of your whole Mac using Dolly Clone.

What’s a bootable clone? Basically it’s an exact replica of your computer (Files, folder, apps, programs, settings, etc) on another hard drive. So if your hard drive goes down (or you have to exchange it for another hard drive due to the recall), you still have a fully functional copy of your Mac ready to be connected to any Mac and used.

It’s easy to do. Connect an external hard drive (Make sure its Mac formatted) and click on the Dolly Clone part of your Dolly Drive app. Select New Clone, and then select the external drive as the destination. Dolly Clone will automatically copy your whole system onto that hard drive. Once you get your replacement drive from Apple, you just clone the exterbal drive back onto your new drive.

Btw, your Clones have no impact on your cloud storage.

Want help to make sure you’re doing it right? Set up a free Dolly-on-one session and our support team will walk you through your set up of Dolly Drive.


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