Early release of REVO aids mobileMe users seeking iCloud alternative

To accommodate Apple MobileMe users who will begin getting charged for iCloud storage above 5GB on September 30, Dolly Drive announces its new storage, backup & sync platform REVO will be made fully available ahead of its planned October 10th launch.

Dolly Drive provides more than twice as much online storage to MobileMe users for the same price as Apple’s iCloud and provides more features including protection from file corruption and deletion, as well as hard drive saving virtual file storage.


Watch the Video of the new Dolly Drive REVO here.




Dolly Drive gives more than twice the storage of iCloud for the price!

After MobileMe users were provided 20 GB for free to transition out of MobileMe and iDisk, Apple is now charging $40 per year for 20 additional GBs of Apple’s iCloud service as a replacement (The company currently offers 5GB free for all users). Dolly Drive offers more than twice as much storage for that price (50GB for $42) with an additional 5GB Reward each month that brings the total to over 100GB of storage by the end of the first year. Dolly Drive also offers a number of larger plans.

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