Got your iDisk/MobileMe exit plan?

Well, plan on loving our Cloud & Clone.                              

“The real gold is in Dolly Sync & Dolly Space. In the simplest explanation, Dolly Sync is Dropbox and Dolly Space replaces iDisk.”  -Glenn Fleishman, Macworld 

Dolly Space Cloud Storage with Dolly Sync

Dolly Drive gets a lot of attention for Time Machine in the cloud but it’s Dolly’s Sync and Storage that is winning raves like a 4 out 5 Mice review from Macworld. Beautifully integrated with your iPhone and iPad thanks to the iDolly App, and more storage space at your fingertips than iCloud.

Plus, with Dolly Clone, you can create a bootable clone for immediate disaster recovery of your entire hard drive at a moments notice. Cloud or Clone. Clone or Cloud. Whatever you want, its done. Dolly does it.

Use promo code iDiskswitch for a month free on any 1 year contract!

Maybe this MobileMe ending thing isn’t such a bad thing after all?

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