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Standup comics are always writing and developing new material, but never forget the stuff that works.  In “Saved Bits“, a short doc from filmmaker & comedian Lenny Marcus, and sponsored by Dolly Drive, top Stand-ups in New York share some early jokes that got them big laughs, where they keep their material, and what would happen if they ever lost it.

Incredible thanks to: Dan NaturmanModiNick GriffinTom PapaNore DavisScott BlakemanTom Cotter, Gregg Rogell, Kerri LouiseAmy SchumerJon Fisch, Godfrey, Owen SmithTed Alexandro, William Stephenson, Mike P. BurtonRay EllinSusan Prekel, & Nikki Glaser for sharing their stuff.

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In other words: If you love these comics and this video as much as we do, just copy and paste the link to this page, not the link to the video on YouTube. They are awesome comics who shared their time and thoughts for this project and we’re excited to have them. It doesn’t imply an endorsement, nor is this an advertisement. It’s just a cool video full of cool people talking to friends.

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