How are content creators on Macs doing sync/share/backup w/their team?

As a Mac-centric product, Dolly Drive is proving enormously exciting for digital agencies, photographers and filmmakers, and the ITs responsible for them, as they explore systems for sharing, collaborating and most importantly, automatically conducting backups. And we’re always surprised how they are patching together their current solutions.

Someone said something powerful to me recently about backup. He said “if your data doesn’t exist in two places, it doesn’t exist.” And it’s true. Because if it’s only in one place, and it gets lost, it’s gone. Forever.  Does not exist.

The most common solution I hear from creatives is that they back up on portable drives and then share their work through Drop Box. If that sounds like you, I applaud you for taking action and using what tools seem available, but think about this:  Is the data your company is responsible for truly protected and accessible by you? Are you absolutely sure “it exists”?

It’s a conversation we’re having a ton nowadays with the release of our private cloud Dock Station. And when we explain that it’s basically, whatever you are doing on your Mac, at that moment, is backed up and accessible anytime, anywhere, forever, we get a big reaction.

Because if you’re taking photos, or making films, and you’re collaborating with a team, then you need to make sure that work is not only backed-up, but easily shared. And the easier you make that that task for folks, the easier it is for you to control.

It’s why we love what Apple does. And why people working on Mac love Dolly Drive. Because to paraphrase Apple’s “It just works”, with Dolly Drive, your data “just is”. Whenever you need it. Wherever you need it. Because it’s in 2 places, it exists. And because it’s synced, it exists wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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