Dolly Storms On

I was in my Dallas office today working with many of you when we had some typical spring weather – a day of tornadoes and hail! (Need some frogs and locusts for the true effect)

As the sky turned black and the sirens started blasting the warnings, I did what we all do, grab the beer, the most important papers and my laptop as I headed downstairs to put some floors between storm and head. Oh  – and the dog went with me. Toto he is not.

If anyone has seen today’s news, we had some serious damage. Flying cars, trucks and large Texans went to the clouds like cotton balls. Fortunately, most of the damage was to homes and not humans this time but it was a clear reminder about the real value of the cloud and the service that Dolly Drive provides. (You know I had to take that path….)

Like most Mac users, I am very diligent about backups and versions of my data. Here is where it gets interesting. If I only had a backup to an external drive and a catastrophe hit; today’s tornadoes were a clear reminder that within minutes, your physical world can be heading to the clouds and with it, your data.

Imagine coming up after a severe storm to find that most of your home and belongings are spread over a 2 square mile grid. Sure, I have good external backups but they are somewhere in the next county.

I keep my Time Machine current on our servers with Dolly Drive, I have a current clone and my critical current working files are safely replicated with our Dolly Sync and Dolly Space services.

I can always head to Apple for a shiny new Air but Apple can do little to recover data that has been hanging around with the wrong cloud…..

Come check out what Dolly Drive can do for your peace of mind.

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