Dolly Drive Support

We wanted to take a minute and talk about our support process.

As most of you know, we are fanatics about taking great care of our customers and even folks who are NOT customers (yet). This is a great time to ensure that everyone knows how we roll.

  • We provide support in a number of ways to ensure your seamless use of Dolly Drive’s services
    • Online via our support forum – this area is found on the website (
    • Via direct email to
    • Via our free Dolly-on-One services
    • Via our toll free 855GoDolly (855.463.6559 x 2) – if we are all busy, leave a message and it will be returned as soon as possible
    • Via screen sharing with personal WebEx or iChat sessions for help with any training or support needs
  • Our Dolly-on-One service is a great way to begin your relationship. It is not needed for everyone and can be requested at any time. It is especially helpful if you need to restore or have a system question – Dolly related or not.
  • When you connect to support – try to describe what you were doing and include screen shots of any messages that may be visible.
  • If there are questions about what option to choose for a message – minimize until we connect.
  • Our video library and knowledge base are good resources for the most common tips.

Most importantly, we love our customers and want to talk to each of you in time!

Support hours – that is a great question! We are available every day and between email, web sharing and our US and EU data centers, we have pretty much all time zones covered. Yes – occasionally we do take a break but know that we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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