What do we want from Cloud Computing

Sometimes we sit around our Cirrus Thinking office and question, “is Dolly Drive finished?” The answer is always “Heck NO!” So then we pose another question–“What do we want from Cloud Computing?” Since we at Cirrus Thinking use Dolly Drive to run our own business we know first hand how important data integrity is to an organization’s success. We also know how important that data is to the people who use it everyday to make critical decisions that affect everyone in the company.

A word about the people I get to work with: A typical conversation at Cirrus Thinking often begins with “What are the features that speak directly to us as a growing company?” Sometimes we hit on an idea so simple that the entire office collectively goes …Yeah that’s an awesome idea–glad I thought of it.  What’s great about working with  bunch of tech geeks is everyone came up with it, and that’s cool because we all riff off of each other.  So as we grow we need more people like us to help ask the question “What do we want from Cloud Computing?” We are actively looking for more people to fill more roles here at Cirrus Thinking the makers of Dolly Drive. Are you interested in disruptive technology and want to grow with us? Let us know by emailing me at adam@cirrusthinking.com

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