We’re taking World Backup Day seriously for Mac users

You know why World Backup Day is awesome? Because it’s the one event that motivates people to protect what’s on their computer other than an actual life-altering event where they actually do lose what’s on their computer?

I mean, we love all love using cloud services. File syncing, file sharing, dropping files into folders, storing stuff on virtual disks. But for some reason, that backup thing is a huge hurdle.

But since some determined user group members at Reddit decided to make this their mission, Backup is now cool! No one’s probably having World File Sync day or World Cloud storage day? (Although World Sharing Day would be great on so many levels).

But World Backup Day! It’s the bomb! So get on it! Especially, if you are a Mac user. You already have Time Machine loaded on your iMac or Macbook. So just get a Dolly Drive account and you can use that same software to store your stuff in the cloud!

We’ve got a great offer going ourselves for the rest of the week. Get 4 months free on any 1 year plan. And you get free seeding which means your Mac is backed up online super fast!

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