Business Week mentions Dolly Drive! Thanks to one customer.

We have a lot of love for our customers.  We try our best to satisfy every need, answer every question, and fix any problem(including anything unrelated to Dolly Drive). When we do screen shares with customers we are not only solving a problem but we are making a friend.  Chances are that if you went through our support system then you know our team members by name.  That’s what’s great about what we are trying to do at Dolly Drive, Software isn’t the answer; it’s people.  And we are proud to have an incredible and very dedicated staff headed by Mark Ross and Travis Rivera.  So what does this have to do with Businessweek? A customer (coincidentally he has written a book we all are going to buy because it sounds awesome) of ours had a problem a few months back and our support team did what they do best, they listened and they helped.  So when this customer was asked by Businessweek who his backup provider was he was apt to say Dolly Drive.  So we owe him a debt of gratitude for entrusting his cloud solution to us but more importantly we feel confident we have a lifelong friend!

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