Don’t Skip a Beat with Dolly Drive

iTunes Match sounds like Unchained Melody to live music lovers. The new service iTunes Match was launched November 14th leading us all to wonder how Apple is building its cloud to include music. For $24.99 iTunes will match your songs against its 18+ Million in its database while allowing you to upload 25,000 songs that Apple doesn’t sell.

For those who have purchased their music exclusively through iTunes this is ideal, but for the Audio-hoarder it is a nightmare.  Audio libraries of recordings from work, classes, or local live music are left out of the cloud without Dolly.

The live concert versions of all your favorite bands are not recognized in iTunes Match, leaving many wanting more or an alternate solution to the cloud/music dilemma. Enter Dolly Drive, the provider of Mac-centric  cloud storage for the masses. With Dolly Drive you can save the concerts and memories of rocking out without fear of one day hearing the music die so you don’t have to say bye to Miss American Pie.

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