Dolly Drive Releases Family Plan!

The Dolly Drive team unveiled a new family plan that enables multiple Macs to backup online through one paid account. The free admin capability will make it more affordable and easier for multi-Mac users and multi-Mac families to extend Dolly Drive’s storage services across multiple Macs in a household. Analysts are predicting upwards of 5 million new Mac sales this quarter with many expected to be the second, third and even fourth Mac in a family.

“Family plans give people affordable insurance that the digital life on all of their Macs is safe, backed up, and available from the cloud” said Anthony Palermo, CEO of Dolly Drive. “Whether it’s parents making sure their kids are backed up, or multi-Mac owners consolidating their backup efforts, Dolly Drive now lets every household personalize their cloud to match their needs.”

Dolly Drive has also introduced a revamped inclusion assistant that automatically selects the folders that are most essential for backup and easily and accurately estimates how much space it will require. Users can add or subtract additional folders as desired.

Dolly Drive is an all-in-one subscription software and online storage service designed for Mac. In addition to providing Mac users offsite cloud storage directly through Apple’s Time Machine application, and online storage to expand hard drive space, the application allows users to create a bootable clone of their Mac on an external hard drive for local disaster recovery. It works with Apple’s Lion and Snow Leopard platforms. See more at Dolly Drive online or this January at CES and MacWorld.

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