Now Time Machine Runs on Your Schedule thanks to Dolly Drive- Version 1.6

What time is it? With Dolly Drive’s new scheduler your back-ups will happen when the time is right for you. With the release of Dolly Drive version 1.6 the new Dolly Drive Scheduler gives even more control to Time Machine backups to the cloud.

Cirrus Thinking continues its flurry of adding new functionality to the Dolly Drive application with the latest release; including an in-depth scheduler which allows you, the user, to control when and how often Dolly Drive backs up to the cloud.

The new changes include the ability to choose how frequently the backups occur, the ability to skip backups during a pre-selected period, and even the ability to schedule backups at any time of the day… Down to the minute!

The schedule gives you the freedom to toggle between the hourly backup scheduler which can be used to set your Time Machine backups to backup on the interval that you select.

The “Skip Back-up” Feature is particurlarly useful for those that use much of their internet speed for other tasks. This allows you to allocate your peak internet hours for streaming music, using Skype, or browsing the internet.

Back-up Daily in this time period

You can also select back-ups to skip between hours you select as heavy usage. This functionality allows you to skip back-ups during peak internet usage.

Skip Back-ups

Back up while you sleep; set it and forget it! Use the Daily Scheduler to start and stop your back-ups to meet your needs.

“The increased scheduling functionality and control within the Dolly Drive 1.6 upgrade answers the need of many of our earliest adopters” said Mark Ross, Director of Client Services. “Since day one we’ve been committed to continuing to improve the Time Machine experience online and our advanced controls within the scheduler have already been a huge crowd pleaser. Our users asked, and we responded, to how they want to use Dolly Drive.”

Back-up when you want, decide when you don’t.

Or Just set it and do what I learned on my trip to The Big Apple- Forgetta ’bout it.

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One Response to Now Time Machine Runs on Your Schedule thanks to Dolly Drive- Version 1.6

  1. John T Davis says:


    I’m trying to set up the scheduling feature and I had a question about the Daily backups. Why does it require a time range? I would like to set it to back up once at 9 PM, and I’m not sure what time range I need to give it.


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