Throttle Cloud back-ups: Govern Your Connection

Time Machine is the native way to back-up your Mac, its simple, easy, safe, and now with Dolly Drive, it is in the cloud. When Time Machine performs a back-up using an internet connection it will try to use all your available internet speed. Time Machine does not consider that you may need this speed for other purposes in your home or business.  While maximum upload speed is great in theory, in practice it’s not enough.

Today, we use the internet in more ways than we think, whether we are at home or at work. We are constantly connected through Computers, TV’s, Phone calls, Smartphones. Since we are always doing multiple things with internet devices; Time Machine needs to stop being a bandwidth hog and play nice. This means that you can continue going on searching, calling, listening to music all while backing up.

If Time Machine were allowed to use all the connectivity, internet services such as Netflix slow down, making you have to wait for the movie to stream ahead. Phone calls made through the internet, or Skype calls will reduce in quality and, at times, cut out. Facebook  and web browsing, both locally and throughout the shared network is not as fluid and can be frustrating. Dolly Drive 1.5 includes the ability to control how much internet speed goes toward to backing up with a feature called Bandwidth Throttle. Even with multiple Dolly Drive backups running on the same network, there is no longer competition for bandwidth.

Personally, the throttle is most useful when I am using the internet a lot. I like to keep my internet open for watching Apple TV, downloading music from iTunes, checking my email or calling via Skype. To accommodate my needs and customize Dolly Drive for my digital life, I throttle back my internet connection for Time Machine, assigning it less bandwidth. At night, when I want to make the most of my internet upload speeds, I turn the upload up full throttle.

To explain the technical side; the whole network’s upload speed is a finite amount of information per second. Each activity on the internet requires a different amount of upload and download speed. Some activities take more “pieces of the pie” than others. The throttle eliminates different programs or users competing for bandwidth.

If you are in the midst of using your internet and need to slow down the bandwidth allocated to Time Machine then move the throttle to the left to set its upper limit as seen below.

Image 1- Throttling down Dolly Drive

Dolly Drive: How to Throttle Down


In order to maximize the speed at which Time Machine uploads to the cloud with Dolly Drive, turn the throttle to the off position. If the throttle is moved to the off position, the upload is going maximum speed.

Image 2- Throttle Off; No Speed Limit

Dolly Drive: How to go Full Throttle

Moving the Throttle to the right sets your maximum upload speed to a higher bandwidth. If your connection does not exchange data at that speed, the upload will equal the maximum that your internet connection can maintain.

Image 3- Throttle up;

Dolly Drive: How to Throttle Up

By being able to control my upload speed I can have my cloud backup work smoothly in the background without noticing a lag on my internet. It is a life saver, allowing you to back-up more often, upload more data, and enjoy your digital life in the cloud.

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