New Look & Feel: Dolly Drive Reveals Sleek New User Interface

Ever sit down in a brand new car and get that fresh clean feeling? With the release of Dolly Drive 1.5 you can have that very same feeling backing up to the cloud. Simple, Fresh, Intuitive navigation and use are presented to the user in top form. Each Service is now easily navigated through our display pane; allowing users to seamlessly transition through our Time Machine, Cloning, Account, and our latest addition Speed Control.

Each Pane is simplified and has a straight forward description of each product. Allowing new users to intuitively back-up to the cloud. Simplicity and natural intuitive navigation are guiding this revolutionary change in the Dolly Drive user experience.

Albert Einstein once said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” This advice is taken to heart with our new design, but enough talk…

Time to showcase:

Dolly Drive: Time Machine Interface

This is the Landing Page allowing you to fully manage the Time Machine back-up as well as a graphical representation of the account size, current backup status, and remaining backup space. The most recent and original backup dates are displayed.

Dolly Drive Time Machine UI

The Scheduler allows you to set your Time Machine hourly back-ups:

Dolly Drive Time Machine UI: Scheduler

Our Dolly Clone Feature enables users to create a bootable drive with scheduled updates that update the clone of your hard drive without having to re-image the whole drive:

Dolly Drive: Clone Interface

Dolly Drive UI: Clone

Through the Clone Scheduler window you can choose a daily time to clone, exclude hours for cloning, and create a frequency clone update:

Dolly Drive UI: Clone Scheduler

Dolly Drive: Account Interface

The Account Pane allows you to access account information and switch accounts:

Dolly Drive UI: Accounts

Dolly Drive: Speed Control Interface

The Speed Control Pane gives you control of our newest feature, The Throttle. With this you can control how much of your internet connection you want to designate to your Dolly Drive Cloud back-up for more information about our throttle click here.

Dolly Drive:Throttle

That’s not all folks! Dolly Drive’s mission to make cloud back-up seamless, simple and safe will continue with tantalizing new developments right around the corner and coming to you soon.

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