Deter a Digital Decresendo: Dolly Drive Liberates your Lyrics from Data Loss

Bob Dylan petitioned listeners to take haste if their time, to them, is worth saving in the classic song “The Times, They Are A-Changin’.” Time is a one-way arrow, and once past we can never go back. This is especially true to people in the music recording industry. In line with the digital revolution, digital music and software for music recording have become increasingly prominent.

Music stored digitally is art that cannot be replaced. Dolly Drive is an elegant solution for  this data because it backs up Apple’s Time Machine to the cloud; liberating you and your lyrics from being lost in the sands of time. Since much of the software for music recording, editing, and producing is made for the Mac platform; Dolly Drive is an elegant solution for protecting your melodies from the ever-present problem of data loss and corruption.

Tim McGeary, a musician and close friend records music both at his home studio and in Memphis. “When the inspiration hits, I can’t stop myself from writing.  Even if it’s 6 O’clock in the morning.”  This inspiration can now be captured digitally thanks to advances in software and recording technology; and by utilizing Macs, music editing and post-production can now be done simply and professionally by the artist.

These advances also put the digital recordings at a higher risk for corruption and loss. By utilizing cloud storage to store your files offsite; any and all risk from theft to natural disaster are covered, giving you the peace of mind to create and craft your sound without worry.

Word to the Wise: Musicians in the digital era should rock out with Dolly Drive and keep their songs safe.

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